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The Xoticy Brand Purpose
The Xoticy® Brand Purpose is for the everyday Born & living woman, of all shapes, sizes & skin tones who fits the Xoticy® service requirements to reach New levels of Their Greatness, in a way that Father/The Most High/Lord has created

Ms. Monica Wilson to provide to Israel (The Kingdom/The Land). The Xoticy® Brand purpose is to provide the land a personal life-changing Xperience while jammin' in a stylized kind of ways created within Ms. Monica Wilson. She has a unique Gift, where she is able to see & know what others are struggling with, from within...  that is holding a person back from reaching their next level of Greatness. She is able to assist others to see themselves in a different light to be able to push past what's blocking their Growth.


Ms. Monica Wilson showcased her unique stylize of dance in the year of 1999. Ms. Monica Wilson turned her Stylized Style of dance into a service in the year of 2004, In the City & State of Detroit, Mi. as Ms. Monica Wilson's women-only dance class & her purpose to providing Her Gifts & Sharing Her Talents to the Land. Ms. Monica Wilson  taught her participants her stylized sequences, creative stylized floor techniques & Rhythmic Style for personal use only. For women who are 18 years & wiser of all shapes, Sizes & Skin tones, who can hold their own weight. In the year of 2009, Ms. Monica Wilson changed the name of her women's only dance class to the name The Most High/Lord/Father/Higher Power Source has provided Ms. Monica Wilson. That is the name Xoticy®. The title of the Creation that The Most High/Lord/Father/Higher Power Source has created for the Land, that is Operated, and provided & taught by Ms. Monica Wilson. As she uses Her Gifts & Talents that she's created from within. In her own lane away from the Wicked ones. So that She can assist others to reach new levels of their Greatness & Walk in Truth.

In the year of 2003, Ms. Monica Wilson started a Mentorship Dance Training Course where she trained Passionate Dancers, in her stylized kind of ways to reach new levels of performing in Ms. Monica Wilson Stylized Kind Of ways. Where her Students performed throughout the City of Detroit, Mi. That has grown into The Jammers. That is Ms. Trained Performers who are Trained by Ms. Monica Wilson to perform Her Stylized Sequences for the Joy of the Land. Ms. Monica Wilson started a personal YouTube channel, in the year of 2008 & one for the Xoticy Brand in the year 2009 where

Ms. Monica Wilson posted her Sequences & Xpedition footage so that interested participants can gain knowledge & get a Good View, of what Ms. Monica Wilson's stylized styles are, before purchasing an admission ticket & participating in

Ms. Monica Wilson Services.


Ms. Monica Wilson YouTube channel is youtube.com/monicathesexydancer. Why the name the sexy dancer? Well, someone suggests the name "The Sexy Dancer" & Ms. Monica Wilson just used the name cause she didn't have a channel name at that moment. The Xoticy® YouTube Channel is Youtube.com/xoticy.

In the year of 2009, Ms. Monica Wilson started hosting Xoticy
® Xperiences every week. Once a week for 90 minutes. In the year 2009, Xoticy® participants & video viewers wanted to wear what Ms. Monica Wilson wears during Xoticy® Xperiences. So, Ms. Monica Wilson started selling the Xoticy® Attire for participants to rock their Xoticy® Attire along with

Ms. Monica Wilson. And that is how the Xoticy® Attire of the Black halter Leotard, Fishnets Tights, Booty cheeks Out, & Thigh High Socks/sometimes Heels was created as the Xoticy® Attire.

In the year of 2013, Xoticy® video Viewers were requesting Ms. Monica Wilson to bring Xoticy® to their area, due to those interested Xoticy® participants not being in the area where Ms. Monica Wilson hosted Xoticy® Xperiences, 

Ms. Monica Wilson following The Most High/Lord/Father/The Higher Power Source orders, & took Xoticy® on the road in the year of 2014. As The Xoticy® Xperience Tour. Ms. Monica Wilson & Xoticy Participants have been Jammin and Sliding from the year 2014 - 2017.

During the years of 2004 - 2017, Ms. Monica Wilson has brought Joy into the lives of others through her Stylized Services. She has spoken Life into her participants & guided them to reach new levels of their greatness. Ms. Monica Wilson has touched the hearts & Souls of many. Recharged the Confidence of Many & Provided a Life-Changing Xperience for Many. Ms. Monica Wilson uses her talents to share with others. However, Ms. Monica Wilson is what brings Light to others. She has provided the Land, the Gift from The Most High/Lord/Father/The higher Power Source to others to embrace the Gift of Life and Style of jammin' in Ms. Monica Wilson's Stylized Kind of ways she created to provide. 

Trial & Tribulations
In the year of 2017, is when The Most High/Lord/Father/The Higher Power Source has transformed Ms. Monica Wilson into her Purpose to its fullest of awakening herself & informing Her of Who she is in the Spirit Realm.... & Her next level of Assignments. As The Most High/Lord/Father/The Higher Power Source, Servant. By Ms. Monica Wilson providing the Land the Truth and by exposing the Wicked doers has caused Prophecy to showcase itself in the physical Realm.

Once Ms. Monica Wilson started sharing the Truth of Father/The Most High/Lord Will being done. The Wicked doers and those who are lost & clueless, who are blinded by the lies given by those wicked ones... Started to Attack

Ms. Monica Wilson, through Social Media & by their Narcissistic traits. Many people started to Study Ms. Monica Wilson & Xoticy® Videos & started hosting dance classes,  teaching Ms. Monica Wilson sequences, using Ms. Monica Wilson wordplay.  using Ms. Monica Wilson teaching styles, Remixing what they have stolen from Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand, Performing Ms. Monica Wilson Sequences & Style Incorrectly & Apply Ms.  Monica Wilson's Artistry onto main steam Artist to try to cover up Ms. Monica Wilson's Greatness, as if what they have stolen from Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy Brand is of their own. While those Narcissistic people are pretending as if they didn't know who Ms. Monica Wilson is & or as if they have never heard of Her. While showcasing Everything they have showcased to the land from their class videos & Etc. Showcase their lies, of saying that what they have showcased is of their own, when Everything that they have shown is a remix from Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand videos that are posted Years before any of those wicked doers were ever dancing, Teaching, Sliding on any floors, speaking like Ms. Monica Wilson & or dressing in Ms. Monica Wilson & or Xoticy® stylized kind of ways. The Wicked doers mimicked Ms. Monica Wilson's Identity as they tell on themselves thru their actions.


Many of those wicked ones & those clueless and lost ones who believed the lies from those wicked doers, started to Spread lies on and about Ms. Monica Wilson to turn others away from Her & The Xoticy® Brand. All because Ms. Monica Wilson carries the Spirit & Light/ Good of The Most High/Lord/Father/The higher Power Source. Where her assignment is to guide The Land to The Truth. While the wicked doers tried to keep the Land (You) full of lies, Stuck in their  illusions & distractions to be lead astray to destruction. While Harassing Ms. Monica Wilson, Bullying Ms. Monica Wilson, Gaslighting

Ms. Monica Wilson & others & the Xoticy® Brand by stealing & showing Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand  likeness, Sequences, Styles & concept as a distraction to try and paint Ms. Monica Wilson, to being who she is Not. Because

Ms. Monica Wilson is No coward & Stands up for herself & Have Stood Up for Herself with The Most High/Lord/Father/The Higher Power Source protecting her. Ms. Monica Wilson Fear No Human & will NOT allow the wicked doers to destroy her & or The Xoticy® Brand that is her purpose.  So because those Lost & clueless People who believed the lies of the wicked doers. Those people joined in the wickedness, to attack Ms. Monica Wilson in the ways of those wicked doers were leading them to do so. Due to those lost & Clueless people following, idolizing & worshipping those Counterfeits & Liars...

While Ms. Monica Wilson is just doing her assignments & Her Purpose by Helping the Land, Awaken to turn away from the wicked doers, Their Wickedness, Lies & illusions that many are deceived by that Ms. Monica Wilson has exposed at face, name, brand, & business. 

Once the wicked doers realized that no matter how many wicked doers are apart of their wicked plan & or group, who tried to destroy Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand Purpose. The Truth will always destroy any lies & liars. So because
Ms. Monica Wilson stood up for herself and provided Truth, after Truth, after Truth, those liars have brainwashed those lost & clueless people to fight wicked doers battles & attack Ms. Monica Wilson, while those wicked doers ran and continue to steal, lie & provide illusions. Because the Truth Ms. Monica Wilson has spoken & Showcased & Provided applied Fear in those wicked doers. So those wicked doers, foolish puppets Thought that they could win the battle that their wicked Masters have started with Ms. Monica Wilson. Who soon realized that there was no chance of winning a battle with

Ms. Monica Wilson, because she fights & Stands with & on Truth. So, because not one of those wicked doers & or their sea full of many puppets can stand & or win a fight with Ms. Monica Wilson, they turned many lost & clueless people against Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand by feeding lies into the souls of others. The more people who believed their lies, the more people who have become wicked & full of darkness & have turned against Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy®  Brand/The Truth. No Matter how many wicked doers were against Ms. Monica Wilson, she still provided her assignments and Fed the Land Truth. So that those who were Not deceived by the lies will be aware of the much wickedness & wicked doers who was trying to destroy Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand, so that those People will NOT be deceived to be destroyed like those other people who were foolish, to follow the lead of those wicked doers who lead them astray with their lies to perish in The Most High/Lord/The Higher Power Source Wrath.  


Many people who have never participated in Xoticy®  Services started making false claims to companies/businesses/sites trying to get Xoticy® shut down due to following the lead of the wicked doers by believing their lies. Many people sent harassment emails to Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand just to let lose of their wickedness by telling

Ms. Monica Wilson the Hate they carried & blamed on Ms. Monica Wilson. Many people Went to social media with their lies to get others to believe their lies. Many people wrote in Ms. Monica Wilson's comments trying to manipulate others to believe their lies but Ms. Monica Wilson replies to them expose their lies & their tricks of trying to manipulate others, that lead those liars to flee, because they couldn't stand next to the Truth. Many Xoticy® participants started a knock off Xoticy®  brand/class by copying & pasting The Xoticy®  Brand Template that The Most High/Lord/Father/The Higher Power Source Created for Ms. Monica Wilson to Provide. Many people started dressing like Ms. Monica Wilson & teaching what they have stolen from Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® videos that they have taught incorrectly to others for profit. Many people took Ms. Monica Wilson Purpose & Gifts and turned it into a Lust Fest, to seek their attention seeking & narcissistic needs.

Many people such as "Mainstream" Artist, Movies & TV Shows started stealing Ms. Monica Wilson & Xoticy® Sequences Step by step, Remixing her Sequences out of order to try and confuse the land. The Wicked doers took Ms. Monica Wilson's ideas and tried to showcase her ideas from their perspective that never appeared to be correct. The Wicked Doers has taken credit for what belongs to The Xoticy® Brand & Ms. Monica Wilson without permission, while discrediting Her as if they created what they have stolen from Ms. Monica Wilson. When Ms. Monica Wilson started to exposed the wicked doers, Those wicked ones tried to paint Ms. Monica Wilson on having some fake mental illness all because they didn't want to get caught, when all of what Ms. Monica Wilson has provided and showcased is very clear that those wicked doers are indeed stealing, lying, trying to kill & destroy Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand Characteristics. However, by their actions of those wicked doers, they've still showcased all of what they have stolen from Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand that showcases the wicked doers telling on themselves for the whole land to see their lies.  

Those wicked doers copied The Foundation of The Xoticy® Brand of the use of All shapes, sizes & skin tones with having no dance xperiences, as their way to seem as if they were the ones who changed to viewpoints of how women & or dancers should look. When Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand who are the ones who did the Changing of the view point of how women of all looks & shapes should be respected. Ms. Monica Wilson has showed the Land that there is no look someone should have & or should look like that is other than themselves. Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand has provided that others should embrace themselves and love how they are created to be & look. Ms. Monica Wilson broke the society standers of how women & dancers should look & be and feel like. However, those wicked doers, just took what

Ms. Monica Wilson has provided to the land and remixed Ms. Monica Wilson Purpose for their promotions to rob others and to lie to others to steal from Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand for their way to "Fame". Ms. Monica Wilson is a Leader, that the wicked doers has turned into a Trend and then discredited Ms. Monica Wilson for all she has provided to this Land. No Matter the amount of the sea full of wicked doers who have turned against The Most High/Lord/Father/The Higher Power Source by turning against Ms. Monica Wilson & The gift to the Land, that is The Xoticy® Brand.

Ms. Monica Wilson still stands strong Today and still is doing her assignments while all the wicked doers are being Exposed and all those who were fooled by those wicked doers are gaining the Truth on how they have been deceived and lead astray by those wicked doers & how they were fooled to view Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand through the lies of the wicked doers. Ms. Monica Wilson have helped Save Ma few people by sharing the Truth where those people got themselves out of the lies, illusions of those wicked doers.  

During that time of those many attacks. In the year of 2017, a few scheduled Xoticy®  Xperiences was canceled. A couple of Xoticy®  Xperiences was canceled at the last minute. So that Ms. Monica Wilson can do Father's/The Most High/Lord/The Higher Power Source Will, that caused Ms. Monica Wilson to stop the services of Xoticy® to provide the Land, with The TRUTH of Father/The Most High/Lord/The higher Power Source. Those who are filled of Good & Truth were understanding and are awaiting to Participant in their upcoming Xoticy® Service as their account credit awaits them. While Many people showcased their wickedness by harassing Ms. Monica Wilson and spreading lies that Their money and our invisible friend money was stolen when Ms. Monica Wilson & or The Xoticy® Brand didn't steal nor have stolen anyone's funds. However many people who have participated in Xoticy®  services made false claims to their banks saying that they didn't participant in Xoticy®  services when they are shown in Xoticy Service video footage and have signed into the Xoticy® services, that has stolen money & took advantage of The Xoticy® Brand & Ms. Monica Wilson. No Matter what & who turned against

Ms. Monica Wilson & or The Xoticy® Brand, and no matter who tried to steal from & destroy Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand, Ms. Monica Wilson still kept going & doing The Will of Father/The Most High/Lord/The higher Power Source that is Her Purpose. 


Ms. Monica Wilson realized that those who were around her were lost souls who were easily deceived into allowing the spirit of the Devil/Satan to overcome them, to turn wickedly & against Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand. Who has stolen from her, tried to destroy her life, pushed those who loved her against her & away from her by changing their viewpoint of her by filling people up with lies about Ms. Monica Wilson... Ms. Monica Wilson watched the people who she has helped reach new levels of their greatness, turn wickedly & wickedly toward her. She watched her So-called friends turn against her & become wickedly toward her & the Xoticy® Brand. She's watched the lost & clueless ones, be lead astray by those who are viewed as "famous people" who are just Satan puppets/children. She watched those wicked ones, use her Artistry on stages and perform her Artistry incorrectly & watered down her sequences & styles for the whole land to see... before many people on the land even learned who Ms. Monica Wilson is, to know that what they have stolen and is showcasing incorrectly, is of Ms. Monica Wilson, & The Xoticy® Brand. While the wicked doers & lost & Clueless people dismissing & discrediting & trying to hide Ms. Monica Wilson from the Land. While passing lies around about Ms. Monica Wilson & on Her having some Fake Mental Illness, that she's never had & or has never experienced. Just to keep deceiving and fooling the Land, to turn against Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand, So that the Wicked doers can continue to steal from Ms. Monica Wilson & deceive & fool the whole land to believe their wickedness, illusions & lies.

Ms. Monica Wilson xperienced Attacks from A wide road of people who are filled with the spirit of Evil & Wickedness. However, due to Ms. Monica Wilson being created to Win the spiritual battle/war against the wicked doers who showcase themselves attacking Her, with their lies and illusions and stolen goods that is stolen from Her. Ms. Monica Wilson didn't care how anyone viewed her, because she carried the knowledge that those lost & clueless ones had no clue of knowing. That is how Ms. Monica Wilson Beat those wicked doers who are narcissist. Ms. Monica Wilson is brave enough to expose all of those wicked doers who have attacked her & tried to destroy her & the Xoticy® Brand by face & names. Who are lying to the land that what they are showcasing is of their own. When Nope. It's Not. Ms. Monica Wilson is no Coward. As she has shown all of us on this Land, by her actions of standing up for the TRUTH for the Land to gain True Knowledge. So that The Land (you) won't be Lead Astray by the wicked doers, who carry the spirit of darkness & wickedness, who are showcasing their wickedness by doing Everything that is in Xoticy® videos & remixing Ms. Monica Wilson sequences & teaching & performing Ms. Monica Wilson Sequences incorrectly. That Ms. Monica Wilson has done Years before these wicked doers even popped out of nowhere copying Ms. Monica Wilson, with their knock off "Brands" that is just a copy & horrible paste of The Xoticy® Brand & remixing her already done sequences & Styles.


The wicked doers are counterfeits of Ms. Monica Wilson & the Xoticy® Brand, just as the spirit of the Devil/Satan is a counterfeit of The Most High/Lord/Father/The Higher Power Source. Those who have stolen from Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand is just showcasing the Spirit of The Devil/Satan that they carry, that is showcasing from within themselves, in the Physical Realm for the whole Land to see. To know who they are at face value.  That's The Most High/Lord/Father/The Higher Power Source way of showcasing who those wicked doers are, So that the Land won't be fooled & be lead astray by those wicked ones who are copying & stealing from Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand.  

In the year of 2017-2020 Father/The Most High/Lord/The Higher Power Source has placed Ms. Monica Wilson in situations to learn who carry the spirit of wicked and who carry The Spirit of The Most High/Lord/The Higher Power Source. Along with showcasing Ms. Monica Wilson her position to being the Leader that she is created to be,  To  assist those who are standing in their own ways. Because many people are unable to embrace Ms. Monica Wilson due to the many lies that they were fed, many people has viewed Ms. Monica Wilson for who she is Not... due to many people not being able to think for themselves, who have believe every lie that has been told to them without gaining the truth on their own. Those people THINKING that they know Everything & or THOUGHT that they Knew more than Ms. Monica Wilson, viewed Ms. Monica Wilson as being les sthan them to where they felt a sif they don't need to listen to her. 

By Ms. Monica Wilson being placed in the people presence, were those people were tested unknowingly for a chance, to become better people without wrongly judging Ms. Monica Wilson & or comparing her & or trying to find things to say wrongly about Ms. Monica Wilson to try and make themselves self feel "good" about themselves. & or to find ways to paint themselves to being better than Ms. Monica Wilson by belittling & Bullying Her & or thinking negatively about her. However many people never allowed themselves to embrace Ms. Monica Wilson to even get to know Her & all of Her Greatness and her unique gifts on their own. Many people just continue to compare themselves & others to Ms. Monica Wilson as if they are & or someone else is better than Ms. Monica Wilson & or if they can do her too & or better. Which has caused those people to miss the Gift of Ms. Monica Wilson that Father/The Most High/Lord/The Higher Power source has placed for them to check themselves & become a better person. Many people failed their test & disrespected The Servant of The Most High/Lord/Father/The Higher Power source Chosen One, that is Ms. Monica Wilson due to their lack of True knowledge. 

Ms. Monica Wilson has shared her Greatness, Gifts & Spiritual Awareness with the Land By video, Writing & or by participating in Her Services & Xoticy
® that Showcases her Truth, Purpose, Natural Talents, Gifts & Assignments that she's created to share & provide to others, from The Most High, Our Lord in heaven. Once Father/The Most High/Lord/The Higher Power Source started to separate the wicked doers from the Good... Ms. Monica Wilson realized that there were more wicked doers who carry the spirit of the darkness who was following her. Now that The Most High/Lord/Father/The Higher Power Source has removed those wicked ones away from Ms. Monica Wilson & The Xoticy® Brand. Showcases how the road to destruction is indeed  wide & the road to salvation, to the Kingdom is indeed narrow.

Now that the Land is coming into the Truth, All that Ms. Monica Wilson has shared, spoken of and written is confirmation of Father/The Most High/Lord Glory & TRUTH showcasing itself as prophecy. The Will of Father/The Most High/Lord/The Higher Power Source is being done. As we (The Land) are in the middle of viewing Father/The Most High/Lord/The Higher power Source Transforming the World of wickedness into His Land of Good that is The Kingdom... While we are living in the last moments where the Exposing of the wicked doers & all wickedness is showcasing itself. That is known as the Last Days. The last days of wickedness & wicked doers.

The Separation from the Wicked
The Most High/Lord/Father/The Higher Power sent his Servant Ms. Monica Wilson into the wicked dance industry to see who was who & what was what, to get her ready for the spiritual attack that came for her once Father/The Most High/Lord/The Higher Power Source reveled to Ms. Monica Wilson those wicked & foolish people in that dance industry/community. Once Ms. Monica Wilson was reveled & removed from the wicked doers & their wickedness. The wicked doers started to showcase their wickedness & started to attack Ms. Monica Wilson publicly. By Stealing from Her Gaslighting people by spreading lies about & on Her. That was the start of the separation between The Good & Evil. Those who followed Ms. Monica Wilson & got out of the wicked doer's hands from the dance industry/"community" those wise people have received Truth & was removed from Evil & darkness. While Those who followed the wicked doers' hearts became darkened and are walking toward their destruction because they've became Evil.

The Clear & Correct Path
Ms. Monica Wilson a Servant of The Most High/Lord/The Higher Power Source is created to guide people to the Truth in the correct direction, away from the Wicked doers & away from Evil. With the tools Ms. Monica Wilson comes from, that are provided by The Most High/Lord/Father/The higher Power Source, that she shares with the Land for the Israel people on the land to gain. Those who have the passion for Jammin' in Ms. Monica Wilson Stylized kind of ways are to be guided correctly & that way is by following the Servant of The Most High/Lord/Father/The Higher Power Source & Not by Man-Made, self-taught, friends of friends, Fake communities, Fake movements, who worked for who, who know who, self-titled people. Thus Saith The Lord. Just by Father/The Most High/Lord/The higher Power Source Servants, who are assigned in their talented & Gifted fields to assist the Land. Ms. Monica Wilson Leadership is in Jammin' & Spiritual Growth.

Your Xperience with Ms. Monica Wilson

Everyone who has ever been in contact with Ms. Monica Wilson has had a life-changing Xperience. Those who have been fed lies about Ms. Monica Wilson & or not able to embrace Her, are not able to get to know Ms. Monica Wilson for who she is. They are only able to see Ms. Monica Wilson from the lies that have been fed into them & the assumptions from many. As well as those who are selfish and tried to change Ms. Monica Wilson to be who they wanted her to be, instead of Embracing Ms. Monica Wilson for who she is. Those people have missed out of Greatness that was beneficial for them. However, those who have embraced Ms. Monica Wilson for who is she and allowed her to provide her Gifts & Share her Greatness with others Those people reached new levels of their greatness. 

Ms. Monica Wilson has overcome much attacks, Trail & tribulations from all areas of her life, dealing with many on top of many people who were never able to embrace, love & respect Ms. Monica Wilson for who she is, but who were just there to try and take advantage of, manipulate, lie on & to, steal from, Abuse & much more. However, due to how Father/The Most High/Lord/The Higher Power Source has created Ms. Monica Wilson & how Ms. Monica Wilson build the Foundation of The Xoticy
® Brand. No One can stop the Purpose of Father/The Most High/Lord/The higher Power Source. Ms. Monica Wilson was able to bare all that Father/The Most High/Lord/The higher power Source placed on her, as she stayed strong till the end of the last days of the wicked doers destruction. July 2020 Ms. Monica Wilson is guided to move forward to leave Her past behind. To leave all abusers & wicked doers behind. To leave all the people who didn't want to gain truth behind. To 

Leave it all behind and walk into Peace. 

Fresh Start - July 2020

Welcome Land, to our Fresh Start. We're looking forward to Growing & Jammin Together 



Xoticy® does NOT have... nor has Ever had any certified instructors. Nor does Xoticy® have a Certified Instructors program where anyone is teaching Xoticy® stylized sequences & or floor techniques. Ms. Monica Wilson is and has Always been the ONLY Instructor teaching her Stylized Sequences & Floor Techniques & Styles. However, if you are interested in jammin' in Ms. Monica Wilson Stylized ways, Audition to become a Jammer. Visit The Jammers Tab below.

The Xoticy® Brand awaits those who are ready to Jam and Grow moving forward in the Kingdom of The Most High/Lord/Father/The higher Power Source.







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