The Xoticy Brand Signature Techniques comes from Ms. Monica Wilson Unique Stylized Sequences. Ms. Monica Wilson has Floor Techniques that she uses repeatedly due to Her assigning those Techniques to the Xoticy Genre.  She also has arm movements, Stylized ways she plays around with music & how she uses her body in ways to do so, that showcases

Ms. Monica Wilson Uniqueness of Jammin'.


The Xoticy Xpedition concept of Sliding on the floors & the use of Thigh High socks came from Ms. Monica Wilson playing around in the dance studio to some music and found herself sliding on the floors in her stylized kind of ways. She was having so much fun, she wanted to share all of her fun with others. So Ms. Monica Wilson listened to Her Heart & followed The Most High orders & build Xoticy & its concept in the year of 2009.


The Xoticy foundation came from Ms. Monica Wilson women's only dance class she started & taught back in the year 2004 for women 18 years & wiser. The Sequences & techniques were still of  Ms. Monica Wilson's Stylized Sequences & Floor Techniques. The raise from her pervious women only class to The Xoticy Brand & Xpeditionis are not so much of a difference. The Xoticy attire was added after Xoticy participants & viewers wanted to rock their Xoticy attire as well in a Xoticy Service. In the year 2010 is when Ms. Monica Wilson provided the Xoticy attire for her participants to Jam in.

The growth of Ms. Monica Wilson Styles comes from applying challenges for her participants to improve on reaching new levels of their Greatness in an Xoticy Stylized Kind of ways.


Ms. Monica Wilson Stylized Sequences are Signature on its own.

However here's a few of Ms. Monica Wilson's Popular Signature Techniques

with a little  background knowledge.



The Popular Xoticy Floor Signature Technique The Gotcha Gotcha came from the year 1999 when Ms. Monica Wilson used to perform this Technique during her stage performances. This Floor Technique became popular from Ms. Monica Wilson Freestyle, from the Xoticy video Skin posted on the internet in the year 2010. Once ladies saw The Gotcha Gotcha they become amazed & wanted to learn how to do The Gotcha Gotcha. So for a while, The Gotcha Gotcha was added into Many of Xoticy Sequences due to the request from Xoticy participants.


Technique Benefits: Core & Arm Strength




The Overview is not a new potion for many humans. Ms. Monica Wilson was freestyling & performed this Sequence, then she started using the sequence as an Xoticy Signature. Due to almost every woman using this position in their personal space, Ms. Monica Wilson applied Her uniqueness to the position that created the Overview. 

Technique Benefits: Core & lower back Strength



The Up & Down is a signature Technique that Ms. Monica Wilson applied to her Xoticy sequences for the strength building of her participants. The Up & Down came from a freestyle performance from Ms. Monica Wilson & she decided to apply the floor technique to her list of Xoticy Signature techniques.

Technique Benefits: Arms & Core Strength



The Confusion is now the X arm signature sequence, that is an arm sequence Ms. Monica Wilson started performing back in 2003. Due to the X arm sequence being a sequence that always came to Ms. Monica Wilson's soul, without any hesitation, she applied the X signature technique to many of her Sequences. Ms. Monica Wilson wasn't aware at the time as she is now, that The X signature Technique is actually The Most High Stamping

Ms. Monica Wilson with What she's created with in The Most High Stylized Kind Of Ways. 

Technique Benefits: Coordination Building



The Leg Swing Over is a signature sequence Ms. Monica Wilson uses & has created to provide her participants with an extra boost of power to swing into her next sequence in a smooth, Xoticy kind of way.

Technique Benefits: Momentum Building 



The Push Back is a signature sequence Ms. Monica Wilson uses & has created to provide her students with an extra boost of power to hold & push their body weight while swinging their head at the same time.

Technique Benefits: : Arms, & Bodyweight holding Strengthening



The Fan Kick has the basic Fan Kick Foundation, Ms. Monica added Her use of both legs at the same time, that applies a challenge for her students while applying Greatness to Her Xoticy Sequences.

Technique Benefits: Core, Arms & Body Weight Strengthening




The Knee to Knee Close is Ms. Monica Wilson's way of allowing Her students to build body strength with a challenging twist that focuses on the participant balance control.

Technique Benefits: Core, Legs & Body Weight, Balance Strengthening 





The Watch Out Now is Ms. Monica Wilson's random leg kick that she likes to add to a few of her sequences for a one-leg hold for the growth of the participant. 

Technique Benefits: Balance Strengthening





The Slow Walk is Ms. Monica Wilson's walk she applies to her sequences when she feels fit. She allows her one foot to slide to the other foot in a smooth Ms. Monica Wilson kind of way. 

Technique Benefits: Balance  Strengthening



The One Knee Hit Turn is Ms. Monica Wilson's stylized way to apply a challenge for Her participants to gain balance control. 

Technique Benefits: Balance Strengthening



The Butt Rub Up came from Ms. Monica Wilson wanting Her participants to feel comfortable with becoming one with herself in a stylized Xoticy kind of way

Technique Benefits: Activating Comfortability



The One Arm Slide Through is one of Ms. Monica Wilson's use of her arm to provide her participants a unique way to turn around, while trusting herself & holding her weight.

Technique Benefits: Strength Control, Bodyweight Strengthening



The One Leg Bend is one of Ms. Monica Wilson's ways to challenge her students to hold their body weight while building strength in the student legs.

Technique Benefits: Strength Control Strengthening

The Slide Down is one of Ms. Monica Wilson's ways to challenge her students to hold their body weight while sliding down in a Xoticy smooth matter.

Technique Benefits: Strength Control Strengthening




Just To Name A Few



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