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Acceptance Of User Agreement with Xoticy® Brands

knowledge, Services, Taught & Written Materials, Brand Foundation, Taught & Watched Sequences, Concept & Likeness are provided by Xoticy® & Ms. Monica Wilson & cannot be used outside of personal use by a viewer & or participant.


This User Agreement and Privacy Statement is set in place for website visitors of xoticy.com, Service purchasers, video & or show watchers & Participants of Xoticy® Services, including all import and output laws, restrictions and registrations which all are subject to revision and change from time to time with/ without notice. Services are subject to change, cancel and or reschedule for any reason given by Xoticy® at any time. Any access or attempt to use this website (xoticy.com) & or Ms. Monica Wilson & or Xoticy® likeness & or material for any unauthorized profit or illegal purpose is strictly prohibited.


Xoticy® reserves the right to terminate registered accounts, & purchased participants, participating in any Xoticy® Services. As well as, asking the participating participant to dismiss themselves (remove themselves respectfully) & allow Xoticy® to take other actions if Xoticy® reasonably believes the necessary steps, need to be taken to comply with the honest & Far laws in which is to protect The Xoticy® Brand & rights.


Xoticy® Participants must be the born & living gender of the requirement of the Xoticy® Services. Living as their natural-born gender who is 18 number of years on this Land & wiser, who can hold their own weight & apply the given directions & corrections to participate in any Xoticy® Services.



Xoticy® Service Admission Ticket Pre-Registration Request is limited to one interested Xoticy® participant per admission ticket for the correct age group & Xpedition Service. The interested Participant who completes & submit the Xoticy® Pre-Registration Request agrees to purchase the Xoticy® Service Admission once the purchase Service link is sent to the Xoticy® Interested Pre-Register Request email address. 



Purchasing the Xoticy® Service Admission Ticket for the desired Xoticy® Service is available only on xoticy.com. Once the Xoticy® service Admission Ticket purchase transaction is completed, there are no refunds & or credits that will be available. All required fields on the registration form must be correct & completed when purchasing the Xoticy® admission ticket. The admission ticked must be printed and given to the Xoticy® representative to check-in into the Xoticy® Service.  


Xoticy® Service Admission Tickets expire after the completion of the Purchased Service. No Shows/ Late Comers will not receive any credits & or refunds. No Exceptions


Xoticy® Xpedition Age Groups

Xoticy® Services are separated by age groups from 18-29 years of age & 30+ years of age & wiser. Xoticy® Participants must purchase the Xoticy® Services that fits their correct age group & Born Gender. Xoticy® participants are not able to enter/participate in any Xoticy® Service & or event that does not fit the Xoticy® participant, correct age group & or born gender. Xoticy® participants who disrespect the policy of the Xoticy® age groups, will be eliminated from participating in any Xoticy® services/events & will not receive a refund, account credit & or transferable credit. No Exceptions.


Checking into an Xoticy® Service

Xoticy® Purchased Admission Participants must have their Printed Xoticy® Admission Ticket, along with their Active photo State Identification card in order to check-in to participant into any Xoticy® Services. The full name on the Xoticy® Admission Ticket & the provided photo Active State Identification/Passport/Drivers License must match the full name on the Xoticy® Admission Ticket.


Xoticy® Accomplish Award

Xoticy® Accomplish Award is for the Xoticy® participating participant who completes the Xoticy® purchased Service (Not The Purchaser). For each Xoticy® Xpedition completed, the Xoticy® participating participant will receive 2 points for each completed 120 minute Xoticy® Service Xpedition, completed by the participating participant. Xoticy® Accomplish Award Points are turned into Perks once the Points are applied to the participating Xoticy® participant account. The Xoticy® Accomplish award points will apply to the participating participant account within 7 business days after the completed Xoticy® Service. 


Perks (Points)

can only be used to purchase admission Services for any Xoticy® upcoming services. If a Xoticy® participant disrespects the terms of the Xoticy® Accomplish Awards Policy. The Xoticy® participant will lose all points and will be removed from participating in any Xoticy® services moving forward for being dishonest.



Account Credits

Xoticy® Account Credits are only given to participants who experience a canceled Xoticy® Service. Account credits do not expire before use. 


If an Xoticy® Service is to cancel, An account credit will be given in the amount of the original Xoticy® Service purchase admission ticket. Account Credits can only be used by the Xoticy® participant who xperienced the canceled Xpedition Not the Purchaser.



Xoticy eGift Cards/Gift Cards

Xoticy®  eGift Cards/ Gift Cards can not be used to purchase other eGift Cards/Gift Cards. Xoticy® eGift/Gift Cards expire within the current year of the Xoticy® eGift Card/ Gift Card purchase. Missed Purchased Xoticy® Services admissions will not be credited to the Xoticy® eGift Card/Gift Card. Xoticy® eGift Cards/Gift Cards must match the Xoticy® Participant State Drivers License/Passport name at purchasing.


All sales are final after the completion of the transaction.


Xoticy®  participants must Have, Live, Accept, Carry and Give Organic Respect & be honest & Truthful to all Humans at all moments.


Xoticy®  Participants/Others are to respect the Xoticy® Service space, location, Brand, staff, instructor & oneself at all moments.


Xoticy® Participants must clean & pick up after themselves at all moments.


No Solicitation
Solicitation & Promoting outside of the
® Brand, during and around any Xoticy®  Services & or Events & or Service locations.


Personal Items
Participating in
®  Services, The Xoticy®  participate Personal Items must be placed in a bag, or purse during any Xoticy®  Service (Items must be placed, where instruction are given)


Conversation During Xpeditions
All personal conversations with other participants must be placed at a volume of zero, during any
®  Service for the respect of others to gain what they have come to Xoticy® to receive.


Xoticy®  participants must respect each other and keep themselves from letting out none related sounds (Gassing Folks Up is not allowed) during any Xpedition. Having fun with the joy of oneself & others, to show excitement for oneself is allowed.(Gassing up others & showing excitement are very different from each other)


Dress Wear
Xpedition Footwear must be of the required footwear of the style of the desired
® Service.


Lose jewelry, Glasses, Watches, Lose Hair accessories, & other items as such must be removed before the start of the Xpedition. For the safety of all students/participants & the protection of oneself.


Completed Xoticy® Service
After each
® Service is completed, Xoticy® Participants must leave the Xpedition area. If the Xoticy®  participant is scheduled to attend the following Xpedition, The Xoticy®  participant must again check-in, for the following Xpedition. unless given other directions are given.



No Smoking of any kind is allowed


Only Xoticy® purchased participants are allowed in the Xpedition location Service.

Xoticy® Participants must participate in the purchased service. Sitting down to watch any Xpedition, is not allowed.


No outside food & or soda/juice drinks are not allowed in the studio/location/Xpedition

Hydrated Drinks/Water must be in a water bottle with a spill-proof lid. (no logos)


No electronics are allowed for usage during any Xoticy® Service. Xpedition. No recording of any kind during any Xpedition.


Xoticy® participating participants in recordings footage of any participant, must give their permission to the recorder to record their image if outside of Xoticy®.

No Alcohol Drinks are allowed.

Interviewing Ms. Monica Wilson
Only Xpedition related questions are allowed when asked. (No Personal/business/brand questions are allowed to asked during before, and or after any Xoticy
® Service/Event.

On The body
Lotions and or oils should be applied on the body four (4) - five (5) hours prior to the start of the purchased Xpedition, for the Xoticy
® participant safety.


Usage Of Participants Image
Posting Xoticy
® related footage to/on the Internet must have Xoticy® name listed. (ex. Xoticy® , @xoticybjammin #xoticy)

Services taught & watched from Xoticy® are for personal usage only & can not be used for profit, credit & or show without permission of Xoticy®.



If a Xoticy® participant is being disruptive during any Xoticy® Service, the Xoticy® participant will be asked to leave the Xoticy® Service Location. The Xoticy® Participant must leave the Xoticy® Service location in a peaceful and respectable matter when asked to leave. No Refunds & or Account Credits will be given. No Exceptions. 



Participating in an Xoticy Service

Xoticy® and or any other affiliated Brands such as Let's Get It! Heels, Performance Ready®, Xoticy® Xpedition, :Lap/Chair Xpedition  and or representatives, is Not responsible for any injuries, lost damaged and or stolen items. This includes any personal cost of any participant, including professional athletes. Ms. Monica Wilson, Xoticy®, Xoticy® representatives & locations are Not, liable for any cost & or any splitting of cost of any kind. Xoticy® Service Participants are responsible for their own cost, injuries, lost, damaged & or stolen items.

Xoticy® Taught / Viewed Xoticy® Material

Xoticy® Material Taught during any Xoticy® & affiliated Brand Services is for personal use only. The Xoticy®  Brands taught material during any Xoticy® service, & or watched from Xoticy® provided Sequences, cannot be used for profit, Show & or credit purposes. Using any Xoticy® material taught & or Shared & or viewed from any Xoticy® Xpedition/Xperience/Footage is prohibited for use outside of personal usage, for  the privacy of the participant/viewers home.


Before Participating in a Xoticy® Service

The Xoticy® Participants must stretch at least one (1) hour before participating. 


Xoticy® Participant Image Usage

Participating in Xoticy® iServices gives Xoticy®, Ms. Monica Wilson & affiliated Brands the right to use the Xoticy® Participants personal image, & record during the Xoticy® Services for Photos, Videos & or  interviews/Xomonials forXoticy® promotional use to share. 




By making a purchase and Jammin' in one or many of Xoticy® Services, the Xoticy® participating Participant accepts & agrees & is aware, that the Xoticy® participant cannot use Any material taught and or likeness/Concept from Xoticy® & affiliated brands outside of personal use.


By participating in any Xoticy® services hosted by and or at Xoticy® locations, The Xoticy® purchaser/participant has read, agreed and follows Xoticy® (and affiliated Brands) Participation Guidelines, Terms, Conditions, Policies, Waiver & Agreements.



Private Policy

How Xoticy® purchaser/participant information is used with Xoticy®


The Xoticy® participant information is used for identification purposes. We use a third party  software to receive credit card payments.


The information of the Xoticy® purchaser will be used for the sole purpose to verify and to check into services with Xoticy®, as well as for business usage. Affiliated brands are included. (Let's Get It!® Performance Ready®, Performance Xoticy® Xpeditions, Lap/Chair Xpedition)


Xoticy® does not sell participants & or others information.

Music Usage 

Xoticy does NOT own any rights to any music used for entertainment purposes, during any Xoticy Services & or Events.  Music is sold separately.  



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